Out Of Lockdown – New Classes

From the end of next month things will open up. Look out for new classes, art holidays and news from the 12th April…

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Paint Watercolour…

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Romas Classes

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BCFM Interview

The month began with guest Gareth Robertshaw telling us what hairdressers do do all day!

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BCfm 93.2 fm Wednesday 9th April – http://bcfmradio.com/romawidger

Today my programme featured The Trowbridge Song Project, (yesterday I went to meet Candy Verney and Liz Lavender, the Director and Project Manager of a Community bonding, singing, and archiving project) ; – check it out on line at http://trowbridgesongproject.co.uk/ . This interesting initutive could be repeated elsewhere.trow song icon

IcelandIceland, the place not the food outlet, was the subject of an interview with Claire who has recently visited. And ‘Back in the Day’ was the Lighthouse Family. Ocean Drive, Lifted, Question of Faith, Postcard From Heaven, were the tracks. Cheap holidays were under scrutiny, and the following websites might usefully flag up house minding/swapping schemes:-

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Bristol etching exhibition at Saint Mary Redcliffe Church Undercroft ARC Cafe



Bristol Etchers exhibit at Saint Mary Redcliffe Church ARC cafe

IMG_20140401_190346008Jennifer, Bronwen and Natasha evaluating Natashas etching.


Some Bristol Etchers in the Folk House Craft Room

On Saturday, the Bristol Etchers, my Etching students from Bristol Folk House, launched their Spring Exhibition in the ARC Café under Saint Mary Redcliffe Church. The Café have generously agreed to host the exhibition, and if seeing these prints were not incentive enough to call by, the superb cakes, interesting lunches and extensive selection of beverages will be.


Toby tackles the press

This group continually inspire me because they are enterprising and inquisitive; friendly and supportive, and a pleasure to teach.


Oliver inks up his etching plate


Natasha was unable to come either, and here she is, coaxing the press…


Emma could not join us at the launch, but here she is…

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Umo Fontana was an illustrator who worked on children’s book projects from the forties to the eighties.  A new book, compiling his work was available at the Bologna Book Fair.

Dr. Giorgia Grilli, professor at the University of Bologna, has just written and compiled a 200 pg volume on the Italian illustrator who worked from the Forties to the Eighties.  She has worked on this project with Fabian Negrin (an Italian-Argentinian illustrator and candidate for the H.C.Andersen and the ALMA Award). The book is in Italian and English and is companion to an important exhibition that was hosted at Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

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Umo Fontana – (How good is this? Look at the composition…)

IMG_20140326_150022479 IMG_20140326_145941304 IMG_20140326_145930282 IMG_20140326_145921964 IMG_20140326_150056299 IMG_20140326_150042976 IMG_20140326_150102630 IMG_20140326_150444117 IMG_20140326_150512498 IMG_20140326_150604583 IMG_20140326_150611807 IMG_20140326_150659814 IMG_20140326_150653668 IMG_20140326_150634158 IMG_20140326_150621101 26

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Bologna Book Fair

Bologna Book Fair was a cornucopia of Illustration and ideas. From the noticeboard – (constant re posting meant that it was in a permanent state of growth and update), to the style, interpretation and print of every example.

There were several halls of Publishers stands, but my interest was in Illustration; trends and Illustrators.  The ‘Authors Cafe’ formed the nucleus of the Fair – the events and lectures in many languages were continual.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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My classes have tackled Farm Animals; Iconic Views, Cottages, Grand Buildings, Drawing Dancing Figures, ‘Selfies’ – Self Portraits), and Food Illustration this week. Everything is going really well.  Most groups are working towards Spring Exhibitions.  Henbury Art Show and  Westbury on Trym Flower Show  amongst others.

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